May 7th, 2016

JnA Computers

Make your computer run like new again!


Let us put our experience to work for you!

With over 25 years of computer knowledge we can help you with anything from a broken screen to networking your business. Whether you are new to technology or have been using it for years sometimes we all need some professional assistance. We have spent the past years working with customers who may just need training all the way to solving complex hardware issues. We would like to put all that knowledge to work helping you.

Windows PC, Mac & more

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Servicing all of the Louisville metro area including Southern Indiana

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Areas of Expertise


Is your computer running slow or you just can’t seem to make it do what you want. Let us help. 

Troubleshooting / Hardware Repair

Running slow - diagnosis, repair, upgrade 


home automation & audio solutions

Would you like to operate your whole house from one remote? Or maybe just control your thermostat away from home? We have the solution.

Want your living room to sound like Carnegie Hall? Or like you are at the movies? We have the solutions.


Do you need networking solutions for your business? Grow your business? 

We also offer continuing maintenance to keep things running smoothly.



Broken Screen

Did you drop your phone or tablet? Dog knock over your computer screen? Don’t let life's little oops ruin your day. If it has a screen we can probably fix it.

virus removal

Is it the dreaded blue screen of death?! The internet can be a scary place. Don’t panic...Let us come to the rescue!

We can also help you protect your sensitive information from would be hackers.


personalized training

Do you wish you knew more? Whether its the basics or more in depth we can teach you what you need to know to get done what you need to do. 


free quotes!!!

We can come to you

pick-up and delivery available



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